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IB PYP Key Concepts
Posted On: 10/19/2015

International Baccalaureate Primary Years


Concepts in the PYP: Keys to Student Understanding


What is the difference between knowing something and understanding it?

Understanding is a deep form of learning, while knowledge can be easily forgotten.


The Primary Years Programme curriculum helps students develop lasting understandings by exposing them to key concepts. These concepts put the skills and knowledge students learn at school into a meaningful context. Since the PYP is committed to an inquiry-based approach to student learning, the PYP key concepts are often expressed in question form. Each key concept represents a cluster of related concepts. The PYP concepts are a “key” to unlocking student understanding of the body of knowledge represented in each subject area.


Key Concepts


Form --- What is it?



Function --- How does it work?



Causation --- Why is it like it is?



Change --- How is it changing?



Connection --- How is it connected to other things?



Responsibility --- What is our responsibility?



Perspective --- What are the points of view?



Reflection --- How do we know?