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Council's Student Uniform Policy
Posted On:
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Council Traditional School’s Uniform Dress Code

and Appearance


There is an observable correlation between students’ attire and their classroom behavior, attitudes, and achievement. The uniform reflects the high standards of Council Traditional School. It should be worn in accordance with the standards at all times. The uniform should always be clean, neat, and in good repair. Students attending Council Traditional School will be required to wear the following uniform. If in doubt, please call before you purchase.



Pants  Khaki (uniform style only – no Duckhead, Dockers, etc.)

           Pants should be neatly hemmed at the correct length (no cuffs)

Shirt     White oxford, button-down collar, short sleeve

Socks   Solid Khaki crew socks

Belt      Red web belt purchased at a uniform store

             No character buckles or ring buckles permitted.

Boys Sweater  “Council Red” Cardigan or V-neck pull over may be purchased at the  uniform stores ONLY.

All sweaters must have the CTS patch and name monogrammed at the store (for uniformity) first name initial and last name

Shoes          Dirty Buck (tan suede with red hard soles), Dirty Buck (tan suede with dark brown leather saddle or Willets (tan and navy leather)

*Pre-K boys only – may wear khaki pants with elastic in the waist



Jumper    “Council Plaid” # 65 (Royal Park)

                ADDITIONAL JUMPER: “Council Plaid” # 65 STYLE #178

Skirt         (5th grade only) “Council Plaid“ #65 (Royal Park)

Blouse    White “Peter Pan” collar, short sleeve (no puff sleeves, no lace on sleeves or

                 collar, and no monogrammed collars)

Socks       Red cotton socks; red tights may be worn in cold weather.

Girls Sweater  “Council Red” cardigan may be purchased at uniform stores ONLY.

Shoes        Dirty Buck (tan suede with red hard soles), Dirty Buck (tan suede with dark brown leather saddle), Willets (tan and navy leather), or Willets (solid navy leather)

Optional Uniforms:

IB Uniform – New Policy for 2017-2018

New Optional IB Uniform: Starting in the 2017-2018 School year the IB shirt / uniform may be worn for special events and the 1st Friday of each month. The schedule will be placed in the parent bulletin and the parent/ student handbook.

IB Shirt The shirt may be purchased at the uniform store.

Girls Khaki pants (uniform style only – no Duckhead, Dockers etc.) and a red belt. Pants should be neatly hemmed at the correct length (no cuffs).

Boys    Wear the regular uniform pants with the IB shirt.



New Optional Uniform

Pride Day Dress-Up Uniform Every Wednesday and Special Events

  • Girls and boys may wear the Navy Blue Blazer with the CTS patch Style: U8837 Color Navy 
  • Purchased from “Uniforms R Us”    
  • Girls should wear a red bow, and the boys should wear a red bow tie. (Bow ties will be sold at the school.)
  • Students’ names may be monogrammed inside the blazer.



Physical Education Uniform

The required physical education uniform will be as follows: All students will wear red shorts and white t-shirts. Red sweatpants and sweatshirts may worn during cooler weather. ALL students will wear predominantly white tennis shoes or sneakers. We recommend low-cut shoes due to the difficulty of lacing and tying high tops. Please label all uniform items with permanent markers. We recommend inexpensive shoes, since the school will assist students in caring for their belongings but cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. All physical education uniforms can be purchased from the school.  


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