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First Grade Supply List and Summer Reading
Posted On:
Thursday, June 01, 2017

Council Traditional School

1st Grade Supply List   2017 – 2018

All Supplies need to be brought to “Meet the Teacher” Day.


2 reams of white copy paper  

1 packages of 24 yellow #2 pencils SHARPENED!!! (Do not write your child’s name on these)

4 marbled composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks) – Students new to Council will need a 5th one for Science Lab

4 pink erasers

4 boxes of 24 Crayola Brand Crayons – no glitter or special crayons

1 package of 4 Large (regular size / not skinny) EXPO dry erase markers (ALL BLACK)

2 highlighters - any color

1 pair of Fiskars brand scissors

12 large or 24 small Glue sticks (paste type / not the ones for a glue gun)

1 package of Crayola Brand Classic Washable Markers –Classic not Bold Please!!!!

4 Plastic folders with pockets & brads (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow) – Do not fill with paper!!

1 zipper pencil pouch

1 Standard size plastic school box

1 bottle of antibacterial soap

1 large package of napkins (girls) / 1 roll of paper towels (boys)

2 boxes of Kleenex tissues

1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes

Ziploc bags: 1 box of gallon size ziplocs & 1 box of quart size ziplocs


A drawstring PE Bag

Additional Supplies &/or a Wish List may be requested by your child’s teacher


System Wide Registration Fee - $5.00 made out to Council

Also an Enrichment fee will be collected at Meet the Teacher (for Art / IB (Time for Kids) / and Special Classes)


At Home Supplies:

Crayons, pencils, glue, scissors, and several Primary Handwriting tablets.

All written homework or projects must be turned in on 1st grade handwriting paper.


Math Readiness Skills

Here is a list of Math Skills to review with your child during the summer to help prepare them for first grade.

Students will be assessed on these skills during the first 2 weeks of schoo.

  • Add and Subtract to 18 (flashcards)
  • Doubles
  • Tens Partners
  • Count sets of objects to 25
  • Count forward to 50
  • Count backwards from 25
  • Practice writing your numbers from 0 – 20

Also have your child practice writing their first and last name and the alphabet neatly on handwriting paper using correct spacing and letter formation.

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