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Uniform Information
Girls Top Image
Top: Girls
White "Peter Pan" collar, short sleeve (no puff sleeves, no lace on sleeves or collar, no monogrammed collars
Girls Bottom Image
Bottom: Girls
Plaid Jumper: "Council Plaid" #65 (Royal Park) Plaid Skirt: 5th GRADE GIRLS ONLY. "Council Plaid" # 65 (Royal Park)
Boys Top Image
Top: Boys
White Oxford, button-down collar, short sleeve.
Boys Bottom Image
Bottom: Boys
Khaki (Uniform only) No Duckheads, Dockers, etc. Pants should be neatly hemmed at the correct length (no cuffs).
Belt Image
Red web belt purchased at a uniform store. No character buckles or rings
Girls Socks Image
Girls Socks
Red cotton socks. Red tights may be worn in cold weather.
Boys Socks Image
Boys Socks
Solid khaki crew socks
Shoes Image
The Dirty Buck (tan suede with red hard soles), the Dirty Buck (with dark brown leather saddle, Willets (tan and navy leather shoe), or Willets (solid navy leather shoe).
Outerwear Image
Sweater: Boys "Council Red" cardigan or v-neck pullover. To BE PURCHASED AT UNIFORM STORES ONLY. The only approved outerwear for field trips. Sweater: Girls "Council Red" Cardigan. TO BE PURCHASED AT UNIFORM STORES ONLY. The ONLY approved outerwear for field trips.
Additional Notes
Uniform dress will be required and monitored daily. Teachers will make a personal check of students each day. Inappropriate attire will be called to the attention of the student, parent, and the school administration.
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