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What is EYE?

                      Engaging Youth Through Engineering



            Engaging Youth Through Engineering (EYE) is a workforce and economic development initiative created to bring relevance to the K-12 mathematics and science curriculum. The goal of EYE is to inspire, engage and prepare middle school students to take the coursework needed to support the growing demand for highly skilled and technology-savvy workers for major industries located in the Mobile area, including aerospace and shipbuilding.        Students use the Engineering Design Process to apply mathematics and science to solve relevant problems in the classroom and produce the technology and products needed in the world today. EYE camps and clubs offer engineering curriculum to fourth- and fifth-graders at 25 Mobile County schools. Students attend EYE clubs during the school year and then have the opportunity to continue the EYE program at teacher-led summer camps. EYE camps and clubs use the Boston Museum of Science “Engineering is Elementary” units and are led by trained teacher leaders.

            Each EYE elementary school forms an after-school team that meets for an hour one day a week. Council EYE will meet during second and third quarters on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15 to explore the principles involved in the engineering process. The EYE teams will be involved in challenging activities using the Boston curriculum and go on several fun field trips. One of them is to attend the BEST Robotics competition. The date will be announced.

            All 4th and 5th graders at Council Traditional School are eligible to apply for the EYE team. Applications will be available from Mrs. Cromer in the science lab after September 30. Membership will be on a first come-first serve basis as well as teacher recommendation. The maximum number in the club is 20. Mrs. Cromer and Mrs. Peterson have been trained to lead the EYE team. Both teachers will meet weekly with the team. This year we will be working as civil engineers, building bridges, and as optical engineers, building lighting systems.









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